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Quick Tips On Growing Social Friends

5 Things All Big-Traffic Bloggers Do By Melissa Ford on April 26, 2016 BlogHer Original Post I wish I could tell you that there is a magical shortcut that will guarantee that you become a better blogger, but anyone who promises you that is scamming you for page views. But just because there is no shortcut doesn't mean that there isn't a direct path, in which doing one, simple thing can improve your writing skills, help you organize your thoughts and bring you more traffic. Lean in close, I'm going to whisper the answer: It's reading blogs. That's it. Just reading blogs. If you comment, even better. But just passively reading the same blogs will help you understand what they are doing to have continual content and high traffic. Here are the things you will notice if you start filling up your feed reader. READ MORE HERE.

The Definition Of Social Sharing

Social sharing is about connecting with people who are also interested in connecting. What are you doing to connect?